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Greetings and welcome to Gem Scents Aromatics! We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to explore our corner of the internet. We appreciate your choice to support small businesses, especially black-owned ones. Our purpose is to infuse conscious care into every product we create. Explore our collection and let the body care transport you and the scents move the soul. Our natural bath & body oil products are crafted with love and intention. Thank you for being part of our journey!

Spirit Corley, Founder & Creator
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Discover your signature scent with our Scent Registry, our body oils are the perfect perfume alternative. Whether you prefer floral, fresh, woodsy, or spicy fragrances, we have something for everyone. Click below to learn more and find your perfect scent match!

QUEEN Natural Aromatic Body Oil

(Perfume alternative)

Spirit’s products are of the highest quality. The oils are clean and the scents last, allowing me to feel good about using them on my body. My absolute favorite product right now is QUEEN aromatic oil in the roll-on.  I use it to keep me “scentered” in the unique aromatic blend that both grounds and uplifts me, especially when at my computer or while coaching and facilitating.

Tovi C. Scruggs-Hussein
Goddess-at-Work, Leader, Healer, and Consciously Connected


Sustainability Commitment

We recognize our responsibility to protect the environment. We are committed to sustainable practices and aim to leave a positive impact on the planet.


Natural Product

We believe in the inherent connection between humans and the natural world. Our products are crafted with the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected to enhance your well-being and connect you with the beauty of nature.


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They said

Gem Scents for me is like a spa in a jar. I use the products in various aspects of my life. As a massage therapist and health, practitioner scent has the power to alter one's mood you just have no idea what Gem Scents Aromatics Does.

Michelle L. Britto, Lcsw

I've thoroughly enjoyed adding Gem Scents Aromatics to my daily morning routine. It is my absolute favorite. The natural fragrances i use are surprisingly long-lasting. A day wearing gem scents does not pass without compli- ments from friends and even strangers of how i smell. What a treasure!

Kitty Mccormick, Lcsw

I just received my rise fragrance sampler in today, and i'm in love with the floral-fresh scent! Rise is like a floral awakening, and the lasting power is amazing! I will be or- dering a full size super soon! Spirit, thank you for creat- ing from your core with so much intention. You nailed it with this one!

Phaedra High

"Loving my gem scents aromatics!!! The scent of the day is still water. Next in rotation: signature, indie, & cocos sol."

Tinelle Louis, Pretty Pages, Llc