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Hand-created body oils made in small batches:

I have always been a beauty junkie, cosmetic closet hoarder, product queen and have always loved scented oil fragrances that make me feel something special and my body soft and silky. I started making my hand-created body oils “back in the day,” and now it’s become a business and there’s no stopping now! I love scouring the internet for exotic oils and reading about places where the best supply is because I enjoy supporting people, smaller entities, and I love making my own oils that connect me in a way to far off places and people. I’m visioning that one day I’ll be able to support these people and places, that will be the ultimate experience!

The key to hand-created body oils is the type of oils used as a carrier oil, for the notes and aromatic blend, and for the sustainability of the oil. There are fragrance oils and essential oils that you must pay attention to. Essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin, but fragrance oils can be applied directly to the skin.  Also, essential oils have been known to have healing properties, while fragrance oils are for your pure beauty enjoyment.  I use amazing imported oils from a trusted international vendor, I also use alcohol-free uncut oils from a trusted vendor who travels the world to gather their oils. I enjoy combining high-quality essential oils, superior uncut oils, and imported oils from around the globe to create unique and long-lasting chords. When I want to create a new scent I usually tap into a moment, an imagined place, mood, or experience to do so. Each scent truly is a scent experience!