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Meet Spirit Corley

As a creative person, I was always disappointed with alcohol-based perfumes that didn’t smell the same on me as they did in the department stores. So, I decided to create my own aromas. In my mid-20s, I started experimenting with exotic aromatic body oils that I could layer to create my signature scent. After a challenging serious illness later in life, I founded Gem Scents Aromatics in 2016 to create natural bath and body products that are gentle to both the body and the environment. 

At Gem Scents Aromatics, we make small-batch natural products by hand to ensure the highest quality and integrity. My goal is to share my passion for beautifully hand-crafted scents and natural body care with others. I want people to use my products to elevate their self-care and wellness experiences that make people feel good.

Through this journey, I’ve learned that I can use my passion and challenges to change my life positively. I’ve made gradual changes that have had a big impact on me as a creative person, and that’s why I’m so fulfilled in what I do. My intention is to create superior, pure, natural aromatic bath & body oil products that are gentle to both the body and the environment, and that bring joy to those who experience them.